Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Premium Girl and Her Goat

If your looking for a card, scroll down to the bottom of this post!

She's The Best!
Well, we think so anyway!
Brekyn showed 2 goats in the County Livestock Show this past weekend.

Brek with Mike Berry of Cotton Growers Gin and Cathy Fowler ~ the cotton insurance lady.

She made the premium sale with her weather (boy). She was the 4th of the only 4 goats they took to the premium sale. Most animals will bring about $2 or $3 a pound, but her Papa John and some of his business friends had a little bidding war! The final bid was $52 a pound!! The little stink made over $5,100!

The one on the left if Brekyn with her First in class weather.

You can see the judge on the left eyeing Brek's Goat.

This is Brek setting her goat up. Don't you love his socks. The weekend before, she won Junior Showmenship at the local show. We are very proud of both goats because they came from our herd. They are not "store bought".

Now for a card.
This is Mudpie with Jellybeans. I used the Saturday SFYTT and FREE Delicate Dots paper I got from SU's Sell-a-bration. Not much else to say about this one. It is for a Easter swap I am doing on SCS.
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