Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trucking by With a Valentine Hi!

Bates's very helpful teacher, Mrs. Wenk, helped him find this cute design on the Internet. Then, she sent the idea home for me to make! Ohhh, what fun! LOL
I really wanted to wrap a shoe box and add some stickers! Not make this fun creation!
Oh well, Bates loved it! We tried to make the semi look like Papa John's # 14.
All products are Close to My Heart except the glitter papers and stickers. I used the ribbon holders for the wheels and a Cuttlebug heart die.

For those of you who don't know, my maiden name is Bates. My dad & his brother own a trucking company called Bates Brothers. Bates thinks all the trucks belong to him because his name is on them. He loves to go in the truck with my dad on weekends. They haul cattle from Altus up to Kansas, the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, and Colorado. Bates loves it! I think my dad enjoys the company.
Anyway, I was pleased with how this turned out, so I just thought I'd share. Hope you like it!

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deerwife said...

I love the truck, Bates.

Johna, you are so creative.

Happy Valentine's Day

Love, Saundra