Sunday, July 20, 2008

My First Sketch Challenge!!

This is my first sketch challenge. I found the sketch on Jen del Muro's Blog. ( I check her blog everyday. I used my brand new Copic markers which I bought so my artwork would look like the "big girls' work", but I have a lot to learn! They are very tricky! I try to blend and shade, but I have never had an art class and I'm truly just wingin' it. I also learned about Whipper Snapper stamps from my favorite blogs. Yes, I now want them all. Don't tell the CTMH friends, but the paper is from TAC. Where have my loyalties gone?? Oh well, it was fun to play with my new toys. I hope I can grow up to be an accomplished blogger of cards!?!? Does this make sense? HE HE


1 comment:

Janet said...

Your card and blog comments are both so cute! Thanks for giving me a chance to look...
Where did you get your Copic markers? I've been thinking about 'investing' in those. Do you absolutley love them?
Will definitely keep checking back on your blog. It looks sooooo professional and I am proud of you!